New demo out next week + Twitter updates

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long stretch of silence on Spherakill. We've been working hard on doing a ton of background things to improve the game experience for everyone. We are planning on launching a new demo as soon as next week. It will have been a full year since the original release. Keep in mind we aren't working on this game full time, although we'd love to one day.  This new demo adds a new physics system, improved performance on all machines including low end laptops, a new wip stage tentatively called city level, some new UI enhancements and effects, and a twitter feed on the title screen with news pulled from the game's official twitter page which is @spherakill if you'd like to follow it, and a bunch of other smaller things.  This will be hopefully the first of many more devlogs for Spherakill and we are working to eventually get up a rudimentary online system in so we can start doing playtest sessions over the internet. Making a multiplayer game involves getting a ton of user feedback and finding a balance between that of the end user and what the original intent is and playtesting is key every time a major or sometimes minor change is made. We have a ton of things we can't wait to show you but are still a bit to early to show off. I ask that if you do enjoy our game please tell your friends, make a video, or comment and let us know! Any sort of feedback from you truly helps us out and we appreciate it so much! We will definitely let everyone know when the next demo is out! See ya soon! 

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