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Do i need to have a cam connected to mu pc for this? It says "smile for the camera" then says something like a Development Console not having something. And the screen stays black but the borders are still glitchy.

I loved this game! Such an awesome concept and excellently implemented. The VHS effect, audio and gameplay throughout was brilliant. A game that also takes advantage of the speaker and camera on a device to aid in creating the spook factor is genius! I’d love to see more from this game! 

nice game. (starts at 8:27)


Pretty sure I broke the game cause I don't have a mic...

Love the visuals, hope you do more games this style =D


AT first I thought: Wait... this shit is real I'm not playing this.. 

then realized i'm utterly Retarded  and it was a game.. but it actually was really, really fun and I enjoyed it very much

What a cool idea! I admit I was a little confused and at first tried to click everything - and also by the fact that the manual didn't seem to open no matter what I did, assuming that book on the table was the manual.

Sadly, the webcam gag, as genius as that is, didn't actually work for me. But it was still a super cool and spooky little experience that I'd love to see with varied results in the future.

I played it as part of a massive Halloween video right here, in case you want to watch. You can find your timecode in the video description.

Thanks so much for playing, it was a little experimental gameplay concept we came up with that didn't completely pan out the way we wanted. We did it for a game jam and only had about 48 hours from concept to completion to cram as much in as we could. Glad you liked it though, but unfortunately we will not be returning to this project in the future. 

I'm a huge sucker for anything occult and VHS-style graphics, so I absolutely loved this.  It had a really nice aesthetic and charm to it, definitely one of my favourite games I've come across lately! 

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for your kind words!

Short but neat, really like the visual style. Cool stuff.


Thank you very much! It was made for a game jam so we never quite fleshed it out more. Glad you enjoyed our little experiment though!

This game was neat! I misunderstood what exactly to do so I was clicking around like a maniac for most of the time but I managed to make my way through it! Really enjoyable and the whole VHS style is great. I hope you do end up fleshing it out more! :)

Oh thank you. I really needed this for seancing

You're welcome! Glad it came in handy.

Great game! Nice and spooky ;)

Thank you so much! Really appreciate it! We do plan on fleshing it out a bit more in the future!

Well this was weird. Not really sure how I succeeded, but would love more of it!


Thanks so much for playing!! We are working on several projects right now, one of them being fleshing this experience out more. So stay tuned. Be sure to follow us if you would like to see more from us in the future!

that was cute

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I really enjoy games like this. A very unique strange experience. The microphone and webcam implementation is pretty cool too.

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What happens to all the souls you capture from this game? Have you got an underground containment facility like in Ghostbusters?